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Creator's Log | 06/08/22

Day 52 | Video #52

I can not believe that it has already been 52 days of daily uploads. It has been a whirlwind of emotion. I created this channel to make little stories that added value to my community. But it is more than that to me now. I see the Carson Complex as the classic hero's journey. I started a brand new channel with no following and no prior community. I spend hours planning, filming, and editing to post a video everyday. I have 88 subscribers to date and I have already met a crazy cast of characters. But before we go any further, this first post is about WHY I started this journey.

I want to set the stage here because there was no one reason why I decided to post the first video.

April 11th 2022, I had just moved into my new house and the previous owners had left a big table. So I decided to make it my work space and needed to roll it around from project to project. In a spark of inspiration I thought to myself “ how could I make this a story?”. So I pulled out my new iPhone 13pro and decided to record the process. A few days later, I stitched it into a Youtube short and posted the video to my new channel. There was some residual footage that I thought was funny so I scheduled it to post the next day. The efficiency of getting two videos from one little project and a house full of projects triggered ideas. Could I post daily? Is this sustainable? Would people find this interesting?

I interrogated myself with these questions because this is not my first attempt at a Youtube channel. Rewinding the tape: I created TheJenShow back in 2016 with the passion to create but no experience, plan, or direction. I learned a lot from my mistakes and who I wanted to be as a creator. I learned how difficult it is to tell an engaging story and to remain consistent with uploads. After a few years I had a few videos but no central theme. That reflected in my low subscriber count and my content feeling “hollow” without substance. I would just press record and edit everything in post production. I would have no idea about the story or what I wanted to discuss on the videos. They turned into just empty vlogs.

Fast-forwarding to early 2022, I enrolled in the Casey Neistat Film School: a two week class on how to create better stories and video compositions. During one of the sessions he said, “If you find it interesting, someone else will too”. This reminded me that there is an audience watching just like me. And that was enough to give me confidence to continue. During this time I was moving into my house, fixing my table project, and formulating my Mox startup OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Everything melded together and the Carson Complex was produced. It has always been a personal goal to build a community of creators to share ideas, collaborate, and keep the creative energy going. Mox transformed my personal goal into a business goal as well. With an awesome team beside me, I decided to embark on a new creative adventure. is the creators’ startup. We are a founding team of creators and we want to support the creator community. Creating products to solve our problems is just one way to support the community. I am living the Creators’ journey and experiencing the daily grind because I feel the same passion to make something everyday and I believe it is the best way for us to understand the problems our customers face. As a co-founder of this startup, I want to always be on the vanguard of creativity and keep my ear to the ground listening for tomorrow's problems. We support our fellow creators by annihilating the barriers standing in our way.

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